An Introduction to the Book of Revelation – Part I

Not only H. Whittaker1 but also others including J. Robinson have remarked on themes, idiom and eschatology that are strikingly similar and unique to the Book of Revelation from which they were taken:. In both, the false teachers are accused of the error of Balaam Jude 11; 2 Pet. In both Christians are described as being lured into immorality 2 Peter ,18; ; Rev. There is the same contrast between the true and the false Jude 8;2 Pet. The eschatological symbolism too shows remarkable parallels, with the day of Christ being likened not only, as in the common Christian tradition, to the thief 2 Pet. In both, the existing heavens and earth disappear 2 Pet. A schematic overview of the similarities between Hebrews and 1 and 2 Peter might be given as follows:. Several scholars have shown that the two epistles of Peter and the epistle to the Hebrews bear a remarkable correspondence with the book of Revelation.

Book of Revelation

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Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation: Gentry, Kenneth L Jr: deals thoroughly with his detractors and with the late date scholarly “consensus”.

Why is the date of Revelation’s writing dangerous? While dating books of the Bible is important, in most cases it does not change how we understand the meaning of the Book. Take Genesis for example. When Genesis was written – during the lifetime of Moses – is important for establishing the creditability of the book. It even helps to establish the creditability of Jesus Who taught that Moses wrote it.

However, we can understand what the author meant by what he wrote – whether we agree or not – without having conformation of the writing date. In other words, the date, while important, doesn’t change how we understand what the author wrote. Most Bible books are like that. The Book of Revelation is an exception. If we do not start with the right date of Revelation, we will misunderstand and misapply most of what Jesus is saying through John.

Let me illustrate.

When was Revelation written?

With the dating of Revelation, you establish the true historical prospective. If you date it early, you have its fulfillment in God’s judgment on Israel. If you date it late, you have every man’s idea.

The importance of the date of Revelation looms large in Paul Trebilco’s reconstruction of the early Christian community in Ephesus. Trebilco accepts a late date.

Gsell Kfgne de timpereur Domititn,pp. For then, the first “ancient copies” would and could only have been made after A. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. This date was even held to be Early dating of revelation beyond all question. I hold that Revelation was produced prior to the death of Nero in June, A. My Book. In his work Roman HistoryDio Cassius confirms the fact that Domitian was in the practice of banishing prisoners to islands. Now I have a thoroughly researched book to help me vie for an early ov.

Nor is it difficult to see that in any case intercourse with a Greek-speaking people would in a short time naturally reduce the Early dating of revelation of the author of the Apocalypse to that of the author of the Gospel. If the Early dating of revelation of Revelation is a book of prophecy as it claims to be Rev.

Date of Revelation

It is the only book of the New Testament classified as apocalyptic literature rather than didactic or historical, indicating thereby its extensive use of visions, symbols, and allegory , especially in connection with future events. The text includes no indication that John of Patmos and John the Apostle are the same person.

The book comprises two main parts, the first of which chapters 2—3 contains moral admonitions but no visions or symbolism in individual letters addressed to the seven Christian churches of Asia Minor. In the second part chapters 4— , visions, allegories , and symbols to a great extent unexplained so pervade the text that exegetes necessarily differ in their interpretations. Many scholars, however, agree that Revelation is not simply an abstract spiritual allegory divorced from historical events, nor merely a prophecy concerning the final upheaval at the end of the world, couched in obscure language.

under Domitian or later, from an earlier written source or sources (*). Others favour Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating of the Book of Revelation (Tyler, TX ​).

Lesson 1 in the series The Book of Revelation:. Explains how Revelation’s context and setting can help us understand its original meaning and apply its message to our own lives in the modern world. When Jesus died, many of his disciples and admirers believed that he had experienced his final defeat. Some even believed that all his teachings and miracles were for nothing. What his disciples didn’t understand until the third day was that Jesus’ death wasn’t the end of the story.

In fact, his resurrection proved that his death was actually his victory. His resurrection allowed his disciples to understand Jesus’ ministry, suffering and death from a completely new perspective. And when John wrote the book of Revelation, his readers needed this new perspective too. The early church faced persecution from the powerful Roman Empire.

3 Mistakes Most People Make When Reading Revelation

Post a Comment. Saturday, January 21, Irenaeus and the Date of Revelation. Scholars produce both internal and external evidence to support whichever view they hold.

Title, authorship, and date[edit]. St. John receives his Revelation. Saint-Sever Beatus, 11th century. Main article.

Greg Bahnsen. When Was Revelation Written? Research into the historical context of the book of Revelation is necessary in order to understand the message of this book properly. The reader ought to appreciate the concrete setting of the book and the historical perspective which its author would have had. It is true that in the case of any Biblical book we should ask at the outset of study under what circumstances it was written, but in the case of the book of Revelation the answer to such a question will more significantly affect one’s interpretation of the text of the book than it would for virtually any other portion of Scripture.

One’s understanding of the historical setting for Revelation will be absolutely crucial in the determination of one’s understanding of the message of the book. We can see this if we but consider the reference in Revelation to the city of Jerusalem, its temple, and the Roman Empire – all of which, in their own order, are prophesied to be destroyed.

The Date of the Book of Revelation

PMT by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. A preteristic understanding of Revelation is strongly though not absolutely linked with its early dating.

Bible Only Revelation Commentary by Steven Rudd John was still universally believed at this late date, to supernaturally outlive his own natural time of death.

The second segment consisted of the References page. These segments can be found here:. We will now move on to a consideration of the date in which the book of Revelation was written. This segment will consider the external evidence for an early date likely AD as opposed to a late date AD. This will be followed by several posts in which we will consider the internal evidence for an early date. However, there is not as much historical consensus on this idea as one might be led to think.

Dating the Book of Revelation

This post is not for them. It is for those who are tired of playing games with Revelation; who are ready to approach it in a new way — as Scripture — and to seek out its word to us in line with best practices in listening to the rest of Scripture. Because Scripture ought to be considered first and foremost as a word to those for whom it was written , from the Lord to give them much-needed guidance. I have found this approach lends itself far better to biblical preaching and to the difficult task of discerning the challenges facing Christians in their settings worldwide.

Revelation will speak a word to us as well, of course, but it speaks the clearest and most reliably when we read as we would 1 Corinthians or 1 Peter: when we think about it first as a pastoral word to the actual churches the author cared about, a word that was to be understood by them , to shape their perceptions of their everyday realities, and to motivate faithful responses to their circumstances. The risen and glorified Lord speaks a word to the churches through the prophet John, affirming their strengths, diagnosing their weaknesses, calling them to faithful action, threatening judgment upon the recalcitrant and promising favor for the penitent and faithful.

The dating of the book of Revelation has sometimes been driven by one’s view of date. The arguments produced are based on late and unreliable testimonies.

No Kindle device required. Download one of the Free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. It proves this early date for Revelation by providing both internal evidence from within Revelation and external evidence from Church history and tradition.

It provides much exposition of the text of Revelation. A large part of the argument deals with the identity of the beast as Nero Caesar, the first imperial persecutor of the Church. Read more Read less. More items to explore. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Power of Prayer. Understanding the Discipline of Fasting. Knowing God.

External Evidence for an Early Date of Revelation – Francis Gumerlock

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When it comes to the Book of Revelation, however, a late date is much more plausible. The issue of the dating of Revelation has a bearing on.

By: Sam Storms. It is crucial for every student of the book of Revelation to read and meditate upon this statement in Simply put, contrary to popular opinion, and notwithstanding the often bizarre and mysterious images it conveys, God intends for Revelation to be understandable, edifying, and enjoyable! Josephine Massyngberde Ford, in her commentary in the Anchor Bible series , identified the author of Revelation as John the Baptist!

He never speaks of himself as an apostle. The earliest tradition within the church ascribes the Revelation to the apostle John: e. Others often cited as supporting apostolic authorship are Papias, Melito of Sardis, Origen, and Hippolytus. It was not until Dionysius of Alexandria in the third century that any major dissent from apostolic authorship was heard. Arguments against apostolic authorship are primarily based on the supposed grammatical, stylistic and terminological differences between the Revelation and the 4 th gospel.

Some contend that the language of the gospel is smooth, fluent, and written in relatively simple and accurate Greek, whereas that of the Revelation is harsh, with many grammatical and syntactical irregularities. Smalley Thunder and Love disagrees, reminding us that the uniqueness of Revelation is due in part to the fact that John was thinking in Hebrew while writing in Greek.

Others contend that the theology of the two books is so divergent as to preclude identity of authorship; e. The fact is, what differences do appear are traceable to the circumstances under which each document was composed, the nature and genre of each document gospel vs.

Problem with Late Dating Revelation