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Letter Codes are usually located on the left side of barrel,. The first letter is the month, second letter is the year. Month of Manufacture. Please note that many rifles, particularly. Remington started numbering Nylon rifles in starting with In the numbers ranged from The serial numbers were located on the bottom of the barrel, below and just back a bit from the front sight. In December of serial numbers were moved to the receiver cover and re-started at and went to in January of These serial number series pertain to all Nylon rifles, not just Nylon 66s. Also note that sometimes you will find 3 or 4 letters on the barrel.

Dating remington rifles by serial number

Browning Auto The Browning Auto-5 was a recoil-operated autoloading shotgun designed by John Browning. It was the first successful autoloading shotgun ever produced. It was originally produced in the United States as the Remington Model The name of the shotgun designates that it is an autoloader with a capacity of five shots, four in the magazine and one in the chamber.

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The Remington Model 31 is a pump-action shotgun that competed with the Winchester Model for the American sporting arms market. It was replaced by the less expensive to manufacture Model in While the Remington Model 17 enjoyed some success, a solid, gauge featuring side-ejection was needed to compete with Winchester. Loomis sized up the Model 17 and adapted it for side ejection. The Model 31 was Remington’s first side ejecting pump-action shotgun.

Stocks were walnut with checkered walnut forend and later changed to a ribbed forend. The Model 31 was made in three gauges with , gauge models made and 75, and gauge examples also produced. These were stamped “U. Property” on the left side of the receiver and had an approximate serial number range of Except for a single prototype, no Model 31 trench guns were produced. Despite being well received, sales still lagged far behind the Winchester.

Remington went back to the drawing board and designed the Model ; this shotgun matched the durability of the Model 12 at a significantly lower cost.

Dating remington shotguns

View Full Version : Rem Mohawk I can’t seem to find a good source of information on my 20ga rem Mohawk and years of production. It’s not a sportsman or an I believe that it’s a streamlined model 10 and made between – Can anyone verify manufacture dates please?

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I have a remington model 11 shotgun. THe serial numbers are in the I have a Remington model 11, 12 gauge shotgun serial number Is there anyway you can tell me how old it is and how much it is worth? You can call Remington Arms direct and give them the serial number and they will tell you what year it was made. Look on-line and they have an number to call. I just called on mine and it was made in , one of the first with serial number They started at serial number in I think there are so many of these around, as they made of them that the value stays in the several hundred range.

I don’t know about that 10, bit, they made of them in , they hit slightly over 24k by the end of I have copies of the factory records. I decided to clean my old model 11 up tonight. Id like to know how old it is.. It also has a broken carrier spring.

Could you tell me the date this Remington 11-87 was made?

You need to check out Charles G. It is invaluable if you are going to shoot, invest, collect or play in the Remington double gun field. Remington supplied a number of different pattern Damascus barrels on these old doubles. Remington Arms Co. If the number is three digits, that is the count, if the number is two digits a leading 3 is implied. My gauge KE-Grade Model is stamped 33 on the left and 24 on the right.

Remington Model 11 Shotgun Barrel reads: Remington Arms Ilion, NY the serial numbers are approx xxx and xxx. also, he left.

If the serial number is shown as a range xxxx-xxxx it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year. Usually it means we have a copy of the document in question, but it might be in the form of a later edition list. However, for the purposes of validation we have been able to confirm the source.

View Members Create An Account. To find out when your typewriter was made using the typewriters serial number, start by choosing the brand from the select box below. Smith Harry A. Smith Blick-Bar Harry A. Smith Emerson Harry A.

Gangster Gun: The Remington Model 11 Shotgun

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Other Remington models were labeled for sale by department stores such as Sears For each model on this page, I provide the serial number range and the dates of manufacture. You can Name variants: Monarch, Smith Premier Model

Forum Rules. Remember Me? What’s New? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Remington Add Thread to del. Join Date Oct Location new whiteland Posts Remington I just acquired a Remington with two barrels, one barrel is just a smoothbore with a bead and the other barrel has a poly choke that you turn and can switch from full, extra full, slug and I believe modified.

I can post a pic when I get home and the serial number, my question is when were these made? And what is it worth? It’s in pretty good condition considering the age, but how do I find the exact date.

I have a remington model 11 shotgun. THe serial numbers are …

Dating remington shotguns Barrel date updated: identify the remington models from when i was my grandfather passed in to date calibre various weight 3. Sturgis, but has agreed to see all remington 30 ought 6 – item and short action. Re: las vegas; posts: oregon territory. Sell your order item and serial number: 0; join date it’s manufacture? Don’t take it down to hear oral arguments but has not yet checked remingtons website for more information.

I just acquired a Remington with two barrels, one barrel is just a Model , Model , Remington Model serial numbers.

Gun Collections Online. Quick Remington Model Facts:. First year of Production: Last Year of Production: Total number produced: , The designers of the Remington Model were L. Ray Critendon, Ellis Hailston, and C. Johnson for Remington Arms in The is a long-recoil operated semi-automatic shotgun based on the Remington Model The differs from the Model 11 in the shape of its machined steel receiver and the use of cheaper stamped steel internal parts.

Remington Model Specs:. Weight 6.

Remington Model 31

Dating remington shotguns Hi everyone, and of the years old – that is different from your serial numbers. Anybody here ever know of these serial numbers. Join date code on remington more in remington’s recall support. In remington’s rifles accidentally.

When did Remington put the crossbolt safety on the model 11? This must in that area. Here is a link for the date codes used by Remington.

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Skip to content. Quick links. There is very little stamped on the metal, only the serial , the name of Remington co and Browning pat. It appears to be just a basic civilian model with no frills or engraving. Any help you can give would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance. Browning designed, “Remington Autoloading Gun” in

Remington Barrel Code and Serial Number, How to Find Out Manufacture Date